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Emma Grace and Kaylee Ann Taft
Lael's twin grand daughters

Don & Dori Byers, Ron & Elaine Froehlich,
 Pat & Lael Taft, July 2009


Dick Minahan, Dave Vovos, Dewey Johnson, 
and Guy Sass on Fishing Trip


Bill Brennan, Summer 2008

Lael and Gary Kaput, Summer 2008

Simmons', McElroy's, Hunter's, Holdsworth's
Summer 2008

Lael and Dwain Van Roekel, Summer 2008

Paula and Mark Garth, 2007

Jay Storey at Hogan's Bridge
Augusta National Country Club
Home of "The Master's"

Jay Storey with Master's Trophy

Pat and John Lubben, 2007

Bill Brennan and Bob Faust, 2007

Gary Kaput and 38 inch Northern Pike, 2007

Jim Kirwin, Ron Long (now deceased), Greg Irwin, 
Colleen Jones,  Wayne Creagan 
on Creagan's 60th Anniversary, 2007

Dan & Gina Allison and family

TJ, Susan and Tom Weeks on NBC Set

Barb and Art Anderson, April 2008

Art Anderson and J2L

Gene Broman

Dick Tupper in action, 2006

Dick Tupper, Summer 2006

Bill Brennan, 75th, Harbor Island, San Diego, 2003

Nadine and Fred Collins, May 2006

Fred Collins and Lael, May 2006

Al Neubauer

 "Lunch at Maid Rite" 
Wayne Straight, Art Anderson, 
Dwain Van Roekel, John Erickson, 
Paul Egenes, Lee Hays

"Lunch at Maid Rite"
Barb Anderson, Helen Hays & Phyllis Van Roekel


Warren Long, Lael and Rex Braden, May 2006

Pat and Lael Taft, 44th Anniversary
July 2005

      Duke Schnoebelen, Jerry Malone
Lael Taft, John Erickson
January 2005

John and LaVonne Erickson, 2006

Jim and Mary Sosbe
October 2005

Ron Krajnovich, Lael, Ron Froehlich 
February 2006

Bob Vandrimmelen, John and LaVonne Erickson,  February 2006

Ron and Sandy Krajnovich
February 2006

Pat Taft and Dick Mielke
February 2006

Scott Witzenburg


Dick Mielke and Bob Vandrimmelen
February 2006

Cate and Pat Loch, New Year's Eve 2005

Dick Mielke, John Erickson, Lael Taft,
Ron Froehlich, Ron Krajnovich, Bob Vandrimmelen February 2006

Brenann's,  Four generations

Jack and Caroline Crocker
Atlanta Barhopping, November 2009

Jack and Caroline Crocker
Atlanta Barhopping, November 2009

Fred Collins, Pat Storey, Nadine Collins, Jay Storey
Summer 2009

Jay & Pat Storey, Jeanne & Bob Faust
Summer 2009

Ron Rountree and Lael, Spring 2009

Lael, Suzanne an Denny Birkestrand
Spring 2009


Kneeling from left to right Doug Nelson, Denny Birkestrand, and Randy Smith

Standing from left to right Rod Holsapple, Ben Brown, Steve Johnson, Phil Kriss, Frank Nizick, and Dan Kavanaugh.

November 1, 2008

Loren and Deb Simmons, Summer 2008

Bruce & Joyce Wilbur, Retirement, 2008

Tom Weeks at Lael's house, March 2008

Lael, Fred Collins, Jerry Malone, April 2008

Lael and Art Anderson, April 2008

Ron and Sandy Krajnovich
At the Alamo, 2007

Dick Tupper delivering Highlander Washer to White House

Doug Reichert, Lael, Greg Reichert
December 2007

Brynn and Marv Cope

Ann Arnott, Marilyn (Surdyk) Yonts,
Carolyn (Rodgers) Freeland,
Suzanne (Simpson) Birkestrand,
Peggy (Royer) Vorwerk

David Boyd, July 2007

Caroline and Jack Crocker, 2007

Emily Caroline Crocker,  Jack and Caroline's new and only grand daughter at 4 months

Bob Baird & Maytag repairman April 2007

Mike and Cynthia Reusswig, June 2006

Jim "Hemmingway" Hunter, Summer 2006

Sharon and Del Petersma

Don Byers in his Colorado home
Summer 2006

Lael & Don Byers, Summer 2006

Shannon, Cindy, Ron and Ashley Rountree
May 2007

Ron Rountree fishing, Summer 2006

Ron Rountree with his catch

Ron Rountree enjoying retirement

Diane O'Malley, Dick & Sandy Haines, Caroline & Jack Crocker, Jim O'Malley,  February 2006


      Lael Taft, Bob Payne & Carroll Brodersen
       July 2005

 Carroll Brodersen, Tom Weeks, Lael Taft
July 2005

"Lunch at Maid Rite"
LaVonne Erickson, Lois Egenes, Ann Straight

Jeanne and Bob Faust, visiting the Brennans

Jerry Malone and John Erickson

Joan and Duke Schnoebelen, January 2005

Deb & Jeff Raymond with Jenna
Christmas 2005


Elaine and Ron Froehlich
February 2006